Final PERS Compensation

Your retirement benefit with CalPERS is calculated using a formula that includes your years of service credit, age at retirement, and final compensation. Final compensation is your highest average full-time monthly pay rate for a 1-year period (your "single highest year"). Note that pay rate is not the same as earnings. Your actual earnings may vary based on items such as overtime or time off without pay, but these items do not affect your pay rate. Your pay rate is either a) your monthly salary, or b) your hourly rate as it appears in the City's Salary Schedule for your rate classification.

Reported Pay

The reported pay rate for employees in Units 2 and 5 will be increased by 9% for Employer Paid Member Contributions (EPMC). POST pay and Motor Officer Pay for Unit 5 employees will also be included in the pay rate.

Special Pay

Some special pays are also reported to CalPERS. Examples of special pays that are reportable and that will be included in your final compensation calculation if paid during your single highest year include:
  • Accident Investigation Pay
  • Acting Pay
  • Bilingual Pay
  • Boards and Commissions Pay
  • Boot Allowance (non-safety)
  • Canine Pay
  • Crisis Negotiation Pay
  • Educational Incentive Pay
  • Environmental Crimes Pay
  • Equestrian Pay
  • Field Training Pay
  • Hazardous Device Unit
  • Hazardous Materials Pay
  • Holiday Half-time Pay
  • Holiday Overtime Pay
  • Holiday Payoff
  • Lead Operator Pay
  • Lead Worker Pay
  • Paramedic Pay
  • Paramedic Trainer Pay
  • Premium Pay
  • Shift Differential
  • Skill-Based Pay
  • Special Response Team Pay
  • Team Leader Pay
  • Training Pay
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Uniform Value (Fire Safety only)
  • Value of Jean Vouchers
Special pays for employees in Units 2 and 5 will be increased by 9% for EPMC when reported to CalPERS.

Final Compensation

CalPERS assumes that your single highest year is your final 12 months of employment unless you designate otherwise. If your single highest year is not your last 12 months of employment, it is important that you designate the period you would like CalPERS to use on your retirement application.