Rosa Parks Transit Equity Day

Ride Transit Fare-Free in Observance of Transit Equity Day on February 4, Commemorating Rosa Parks' Birthday.

Transit Equity Day

Transit Equity Day is a national day of action observed on February 4th to commemorate the life and legacy of Rosa Parks on her birthday. Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit, and Sonoma County Transit will honor Rosa Parks legacy and contributions to transit equity by inviting everyone to ride Fare-Free on all regular public bus routes all day on February 4. 

Rosa Parks was born on Feb. 4, 1913 and died in 2005 at 92-years-old. She became a key figure in the Civil Rights movement when she refused to give up her seat on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama public transit bus and was arrested in December 1955. 

Her actions of defiance are considered a pivotal moment that helped spark the Civil Rights Movement that lead to the Montgomery bus boycott and the U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring segregation on buses unconstitutional. 

In March of 1955, nine months prior to Rosa Parks arrest for refusing to relinquish her seat on a segregated bus, another transit trailblazer boarded a bus in Montgomery Alabama and refused to give up her seat. Her name was Claudette Colvin, a 15 year-old who attended Booker T. Washington High School and NAACP Youth Council member. She too was arrested for her actions. 

The actions and legacy of Rosa Parks and other transit trailblazers are intrinsically tied to the concept of transit equity for all.

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Santa Rosa Transit is committed to providing equitable transportation for all. Public transportation connects people to jobs, health care, schools, grocery stores, housing, and more, and Santa Rosa CityBus and Santa Rosa Paratransit strives to eliminate barriers to transit.

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

CityBus Non-Discrimination Policy: Santa Rosa CityBus is committed to ensuring nondiscriminatory practices in the programs and services we offer. CityBus operates its transit service subject to the nondiscrimination requirements under Section 601 of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI) and applicable regulations from the U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Justice and other applicable federal laws and regulations.

CityBus Language Assistance Plan: requires CityBus and its employees and contractors to take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to services for individuals with limited English proficiency. CityBus translates 'vital documents' and information into Spanish and can translate into other languages as requested.

Accessibility Services 

Wheelchair Lifts: All Santa Rosa CityBus buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts buses that have a "kneeling feature" to make boarding easier. Any passenger may request to use the lift or kneeling feature on the bus.

Priority Seating: Certain seats on the bus are designated as priority seating for passengers with disabilities and for seniors. The bus driver may ask a non-disabled passenger who is occupying a priority seat to move if a passenger with disabilities or a senior citizen boards the bus.

Bus Stop Announcement: Bus stop announcements will be made at transfer points with other fixed routes, major intersections, and destination points, and intervals along a route to permit individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities to be oriented to their location. On request of an individual with a disability, any stop will be announced.

Paratransit: The City of Santa Rosa offers next-day Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit transportation service seven days a week to those who are unable (temporarily or permanently) to independently use Santa Rosa CityBus due to a disability or health related condition. This service is provided within three-quarters (3/4) of a mile from existing CityBus routes as part of the requirements of the ADA. The service is shared-ride public transportation that is available for all trip purposes, including shopping, higher education, medical appointments, and work.

Transit Fare Discounts

To help reduce transportation barriers, Santa Rosa CityBus provides fare-free transportation on all regular service routes for youth up to 12th grade, SRJC Students, Paratransit riders, and U.S. Veterans.