Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor Improvements

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Update: 6/15/23

The Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor project is expected to begin construction the week of June 19, 2023. Watch for construction workers and flaggers when approaching the Santa Rosa Corridor between Sonoma Avenue and Maple Avenue.

About the Project

This project will improve existing pedestrian, bike, transit, and vehicle facilities along the Santa Rosa Avenue corridor between Sonoma Avenue and Maple Avenue.

Specifically, this project will provide the following improvements: 

  • Add new and enhance existing pedestrian facilities throughout the corridor. 
  • Upgrade pedestrian ramps to current ADA standards. 
  • Adding buffered bike lanes to close gaps in the Class II bike lane network on Santa Rosa Avenue 
  • Prioritize transit movements through the corridor. 
  • Maintain existing parking. 
  • Install landscaped median islands. 
  • Install streetscape furnishing such as: Pedestrian Lighting, Benches and Bike racks. 
  • Apply pavement surface treatment.

Project Schedule

Design Complete
Start Construction June 2023
End Construction December 2023

For more information visit the project webpage or contact:

Lisa Welsh
Associate Civil Engineer
[email protected]