Street Sweeping

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  1. Street Sweeping

    Physical Address
    3400 Standish Avenue
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Every City Street is Swept Monthy - Know Your Day!

The City of Santa Rosa contracts with Recology Sonoma Marin to provide street sweeping services monthly to ensure that our streets are clean and safe for residents. Commercial streets are swept more frequently due to increased debris generation. Street sweeping not only makes our city streets cleaner, but it is also an important part of storm water pollution prevention. It prevents unwanted materials from flowing into the storm drains and polluting our creeks and causing backups and street flooding.

Knowing your street sweeping day is important so Recology’s street sweeping trucks have full access when sweeping your neighborhood. Please park cars in your driveway, garage, or in another area on sweep day to allow us to keep our streets cleaner.

Street Sweeping - What's Your Day?

Find Your Street Sweeping Day

Click on the link above and enter your home address to find out what day of the month your next street sweeping service is scheduled. You also have the option to set up a calendar reminder for your street sweeping day, so you can prepare for the sweeper service by moving your vehicle off the street, allowing Recology's street sweepers to keep your street cleaner.

Watch this Short Video on Street Sweeping Day Tips

Help us do a better job on street sweeping day!

  • Know your sweeping day and mark it on your calendar. 
  • Move vehicles off the street the night before your sweeping day. 
  • Move basketball hoops and waste bins off the street.
  • Don’t rake or blow leaves into the street and do not pile leaves in the street as sweepers are not equipped to pick up piles of leaves. Leaves can go in your compost bin or used as mulch in your garden. 
  • Maintain the trees, shrubs, and other landscaping in front of your house. Sweepers are tall and wide, and they need all the room they can get in order to clean the curb properly. Providing a 13-foot-high clearance and preventing overgrowth into the public right of way is a requirement.

Did you know that everything that is picked up by the sweeper is landfilled? When you put leaves in the compost it is getting turned into rich compost that can actively fight climate change. But when leaves are left on the street and are picked up by the sweeper it is going to the landfill where it creates Green House Gas emissions.