Cannabis Equity Assessment


The California Governor’s' Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz) has provided the City of Santa Rosa with a Type 1 Cannabis Equity Grant Award, with the purpose of (1) understanding how cannabis criminalization has impacted communities in Santa Rosa and (2) developing recommendations and policies to inform the development and implementation of cannabis equity program. The Type 1 grant funding is intended for an equity assessment and/or to develop a local equity program. The City wiil submit periodic performance reports to the state on its program, with the deadline of the final report being Nov. 30, 2023.

Cannabis Equity Assessment means an assessment conducted by the local jurisdiction that will be used to inform the creation or revision of its local equity program, and that assessment may include the following: 

  • Reference to local historical rates of arrests or convictions for cannabis law violations. 
  • Identification of the impacts that cannabis-related policies have had historically on communities and populations within that local jurisdiction. 
  • Other information that demonstrates how individuals and communities within the local jurisdiction have been disproportionately or negatively impacted by the WoD. 

City Council Decision on Cannabis Equity Assessment:

On November 28th, the City of Santa Rosa's planning staff, with the consultant team, presented the cannabis equity assessment to the City Council for acceptance and to direct staff to prepare an equity program. The Council accepted the Cannabis Equity Assessment report; however, there were not enough votes to support the preparation of an equity program. The council vote resulted in a tie of three members in favor of the program's creation and three not in favor of the program.

June 26, 2023, Communtiy Meeting Video and Presentation

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