Backflow Prevention


Backflow Prevention Requirements

The State of California and the City of Santa Rosa require property owners to install backflow prevention devices at properties with potential hazards. These properties have a greater chance of polluting or contaminating our drinking water in case of backflow when water is pulled or pushed from private property back into the water distribution system. Requiring appropriate backflow prevention measures ensures our drinking water is of the highest quality. 

More than 10,000 backflow prevention devices are installed in the City of Santa Rosa. The type of backflow prevention device required at a site depends on the type of hazard(s) on site and how water line is used. For example, DCDA devices are required on water lines dedicated to providing water for commercial fire suppression systems. DC devices are required on domestic water lines for properties whose only hazard is a residential fire sprinkler system. RP devices are required on water lines dedicated only to irrigation use.

Backflow prevention devices installed in areas rebuilding after the Tubbs-Adobe wildfire may have special requirements. LEARN MORE

Every backflow prevention device must be tested once a year in accordance with California State Law. The backflow prevention staffers at the City send reminder postcards thirty days before a test is due. If you have questions when your annual test is due, contact the Water Quality/Backflow Prevention office at 707-543-3965. To schedule a backflow test, contact a tester on the list of certified testers. Your tester will send test results to the City on your behalf. The City will only accept tests from testers who have been certified by the City of Santa Rosa and are listed on the list of certified testers.

If your backflow device does not pass the annual test, talk with your tester for recommendations on repair or replacement. A passing test is required within 30 days of your test due date.

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