Backflow Prevention for Rebuild Areas

Backflow Prevention in Fire Rebuild/Resilient City Areas for Tubbs Fire

Backflow prevention devices prevent water on private property from being pushed or pulled back into the drinking water distribution system. Backflow preventers are required when potential hazards on private property may affect the water and, if the water flows back into the drinking water system, can compromise water quality.

Backflow prevention devices are required in the same circumstances as the rest of the City for residents who are rebuilding in the Resilient City Areas.

 In-Line Dual Check Valve Exception

There is one exception to normal standards for rebuilds affected by the 2017 Tubbs-Adobe Fire. When residential fire sprinklers (automatic fire protection systems) are installed within a structure, backflow requirements can be met by installing a non-testable In-Line Dual Check valve (City Standard 875 F) or a testable Double Check (DC) backflow preventer device (City Standard 875).

In non-rebuild areas, only DC devices can be installed in this circumstance. DC backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by a certified tester, but only require replacement if the device fails a test and is not repairable.

In-Line Dual Check valves do not require annual backflow tests as all other backflow devices do. Because these devices are not testable and can fail over time, In-Line Dual Check valves must be replaced every five years.

This work may be completed by the property owner, or a plumber, and the replacement must meet City Standard 875 F. To demonstrate compliance with replacing a backflow device, please submit the receipt for purchasing replacement backflow preventor and/or for work performed by your plumber to Santa Rosa Water Quality no later than five years after the initial installation of an In-Line Dual Check valve. The Water Quality team may also perform inspections of backflow devices to ensure compliance.

 Reminders for Device Replacement

Property owners are responsible for replacing the existing In-Line Dual Check valve every five years. Residents with an In-Line Dual Check valve will receive a notice from the City of Santa Rosa Water Quality/Backflow Prevention staff alerting them to the need to replace their In-Line Dual Check valve.

 Contact Santa Rosa Water Quality at [email protected] or 707-543-3965.

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