Southeast Greenway


The Southeast Greenway is an approximately 58 acre area of undeveloped land, which was previously intended to be an extension of Highway 12.  The property, which is currently owned by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), follows a 1.9-mile linear path from Farmers Lane/Highway 12 to Spring Lake Regional Park. 

On August 20, 2014, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopted a resolution to rescind the freeway adoption, allowing the property to be transferred or sold.

In 2009, the Southeast Greenway Community Partnership, including the City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Regional Parks, Sonoma Land Trust, LandPaths, and the Southeast Greenway Campaign, came together to plan for the acquisition of the approximately 58 acre property.

Southeast Greenway Illustrative Map (2)
Recent Developments

On July 25, 2023, City Council approved proceeding with negotiations with Caltrans to purchase approximately 49 acres of the approximate 58 acres of State-rescinded Route 12 excess lands owned by Caltrans and located between Farmers Lane and Spring Lake Regional Park for the future development of the Southeast Greenway Project. As a condition of purchase required by Caltrans, the City will need to declare that the Southeast Greenway Property will be used for a public purpose in perpetuity, and agree to a deed restriction upon transfer for same. Caltrans will retain the remaining approximate 9 acres of excess lands for housing development. City recognizes that these 9 acres of future housing will have adequate park space from the Southeast Greenway Project and agrees that future residential development on that property will not be required to comply with Santa Rosa City Code (Sections 19-70.020 through 19-70.050) pertaining to park land dedication.

The acquisition was recently approved as mapped though the community process, by the California Department of General Services, a requirement of all State-owned excess land sales under Governor Newsom's Executive Order, this was a major milestone for the project. The City would like to thank Senator Mike Maguire and staff, the California Department of General Services,  Housing and Community Development and Caltrans Staff and Headquarters for working with the City and SE Greenway Partnership to accomplish this important milestone.  

Senator Mike McGuire press release May 10, 2023

Santa Rosa City Council Southeast Greenway Property Resolution No. RES-2023-131

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SE Greenway Map 9260APR_R20230330 Final
Bike and Pedestrian Connectivity
and Climate Action Goals

The Southeast Greenway will include a Bike and Pedestrian Pathway. A major focus of the City's upcoming Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Update, will include low stress pathway and bike route options connecting the western section of the Southeast Greenway bike and Pedestrian Path (Farmers Lane) to the Prince Memorial Greenway, which ultimately connects to the Joe Rodata Trail and Western Sonoma County. This is a huge leap in connectivity for all of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.  Not only does it connect the Eastern and Western portion of the County for non-motorized travel options, but it helps to meet the City and States Green House Gas reduction and climate goals. 

Public Purpose

Next steps in the acquisition process and a requirement by Caltrans includes:

  • Declaration by city council that the Southeast Greenway property will be used for a public purpose in perpetuity.
  • Approval of a deed restriction upon transfer of the property for the same

The Southeast Greenway property may include:

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Paths
  • Community Gardens
  • Parks
  • Sports Courts, Fields, and Playgrounds
  • Opportunities for Community Gathering Space
  • Water Supply and Utility Infrastructure
  • Creation of Walkable Neighborhoods
  • Dog Parks
  • Disc Golf
  • Community /Cultural Areas

A Public Master Planning Process where the community will have ample opportunity to express their desires for the future Southeast Greenway project will be led by the Recreation and Parks Department after acquisition.

Public Purpose v2
Next Steps

If the Southeast Greenway property appraisal is approved by Caltrans Headquarters, then City staff will work with Caltrans to negotiate a purchase and sale agreement within price and term parameters approved by Council in closed session.

To meet Caltrans requirements, City staff requests approval of the proposed resolution which also includes requests for the following:

  • Authorization for the City's Real Property Manager to negotiate the agreement.
  • Authorization for the City Manager to execute the agreement, as approved by the City Attorney.
Southeast Greenway
Acquisition Funding

The Campaign and Land Trust have retained a mixture of grant funding and donations for the purchase of the Southeast Greenway property. Significant Grant funds expire in October 2024.

Funding Agency:  
Sonoma County Ag and Open Space $1,000,000
Sonoma Land Trust $   400,000
Community Foundation Sonoma County $   250,000
Mead Foundation $     35,000
Individual Donors of Campign and Land Trust $   285,000