Fire Station 5 Public Art Project

This public art opportunity is for an artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install site-specific public art at a new fire station (Fire Station 5) being constructed in the Fountaingrove neighborhood of Santa Rosa, CA. The goal of this completed project is to draw positive attention to Fire Station 5 as a new station replacing the one previously located on Newgate Court that was destroyed by the Tubbs Fire and celebrate the resiliency and rebuilding efforts of the Santa Rosa Fire Department and community. There are various exterior locations for public art at the project site. 2D and 3D materials will be considered. The public artwork should consider the proposed landscaping and hardscape, lighting, and viewer’s perspective.


Fire Station 5 Public Art - Finalists

  • Robin Brailsford
  • Rude Calderón & Roberto Delgado
  • Peter Reiquam
  • Po Shu Wang
  • Suikang Zhao

Anticipated Timeline

  • January 19, 2024 Finalists to submit artwork proposals 
  • February/March, 2024 Public display of artwork proposals 
  • By Spring 2025 Installation and completion

We Want Your Input!

Join the City of Santa Rosa in choosing a public art display for Fire Station 5. Take the Community Input Survey from now until March 15, 2024.

Project Location

The project site is a new fire station located at the SE corner of Fountaingrove Parkway and Stagecoach Road in Santa Rosa, CA. The attached diagrams identify 4 possible locations for the public art – both on site locations (2) as well as on building locations (2). The sizes for available areas are: 

  1. Center landscape area (+/- 170 SF)
  2. East Wall: 11’-0”H x 15’-9”W
  3. “5” Tower Wall: 32’-6”H x 9’-9”W (must include red lighted #5)
  4. Guard Rail fence: +/- 125’L x 3’-6”H
23.06.26_SR FS 5_Public Art Locations_Page_2

Project Proposal Summaries


Robin Brailsford - Waterfall

Waterfall is a large and iconic vertical sculpture geared to the long view for a vehicular and pedestrian audiences. The dominant color of the artwork is blue, symbolizing “depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, and intelligence.” Made of Prismatic Diamond Grade reflective vinyl, it will never be monochromatic, still or passive. Waterfall is reflective and self-illuminating from the sweep of a flashlight, car headlights, or the arc of the sun - keeping the vinyl “live.” Waterfall will be a beacon, making the fire station analogous to a lighthouse. Waterfall is reflective, because as pronounced profoundly in Last October, when the power went out, with the smoke overbearing, first responders and citizens could not see landmarks to navigate by. The landmark Waterfall will self-illuminate under such conditions, leading to enhanced personal and community safety and navigation.

Rude Calderon_ Roberto Delgado

Rude Calderón & Roberto Delgado - Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope is a multi-element stand-alone sculpture that pays homage to the resilience and hope of the community and the heroic firefighters that risked their lives to protect and save lives. The sculptural design incorporates basalt and translucent onyx stones that engage the natural forms and textures of the stones combined with hand-carved and polished surfaces symbolizing homes and buildings, as well as the surrounding hills and nature. The central sculptural element is crowned with a translucent onyx which is carved into a thin lens that lights up the heart of the stone with the solar rays as the sun travels across the sky, a symbol of, courage and renewal. The stone carvings are inlaid with approximately 30 sq. ft. of glazed ceramic tiles that portray the fire station and town’s history and community members, with the application of silkscreened photographs. The central sculpture is 12 ft. tall, and the three surrounding stones vary from 3ft. to 4ft. tall. The overall area covered is 100 square ft. The weight of each sculpture is between 500lbs. and 8,000lbs

Peter Reiquam_From the Ashes

Peter Reiquam - From the Ashes

From the Ashes, a painted aluminum Phoenix standing 15’ tall, with either realistic flames or in old-school stylized flames - will serve as an iconic site marker in front of Station 5 and will be highly visible to passing motorists and pedestrians. Inspired by the story of the loss of the original Fire Station 5 in the 2017 Tubbs Fire, the image of a Phoenix is the perfect representation of a community rising from the ashes, to be rebuilt anew in a spirit of resiliency, strength and determination; all qualities that we associate with the fire service. The flame design, in addition to suggesting the burning of the mythical creature, is a nod to California car culture; the customization of cars, trucks and motorcycles with fanciful, hot-rod and low-rider-inspired paint schemes. Up-lighting would surround the sculpture, enhancing the flame paint job and improving its visibility after dark.

Po Shu

Po Shu Wang - Intersecting Infinity

The transformation of the metaphorical into the literal is what I call a moment of Intersecting Infinity - it is the core concept for this artwork proposal. Made of polished stainless steel, standing 8’6” high, Intersecting Infinity is a simple sculptural presence that stands in dynamic balance with the strength of the phoenix rising, while commemorating the losses of the community with solemnity. The new Fire Station 5 embodies both the metaphorical and literal meanings of the phoenix that rises from the ashes. The metaphorical is general, timeless, and infinite, but remains to be a potential only. What gave it flesh to become a literal phoenix in this case, is the first responders and the community members who rose to face the 2017 Tubbs Fire. This literal phoenix is temporal, finite and specific to that history leading to this project. In sculptural terms, it is a sphere self-replication process that gives form to the sculpture. My guiding principle of what got manifested from the simple pattern of endless possibility was aimed at a moment of dynamic balance, so to emphasize the time dimension in it. The same dimension that is needed for the universal phoenix potential to become a finite, temporal, and specific phoenix.

Suikang Zhao - Three Sculptural Pieces 

Suikang Zhao - Community

Community - similar in concept but different in form. The whole layout will be subtle and site-specific. Each piece will relate to its surrounding environment coherently. The proposed design is a dedication to the community and the fire department for the traumatic wildfire event. My proposal reflects tremendous resiliency and unity, countless care and teamwork, many moving stories, and heroic efforts in the community.

Site 1. A free-standing sculpture with perforated text image (12’ tall scale).
A giant sheet of rolling “paper” (stainless sheet metal) with perforated text-image, the text will be the personal story of a heroic team effort during the wildfire.
Site 2. A relief “vine” sculpture with the image of words on the corner of the tower. (scale 17’)
Inspired by the growth and organic connection of “vine,” as well as vineyards in the region and, most importantly, a metaphor for the connection and unity of the fire department and the local community.
Site 3. Twenty panel inserts with a perforated text pattern for the fence.
The proposed design will create 20 perforated panels for the prefabricated fence frames. The design image will be the elements of words or phrases, which will be collected from local residents in different languages.

Text content will be developed closely with local residents, firefighters, the design team, and the art committee. 

Project budget:

The total available funding for the project is $130,000 (all inclusive – design and construction) with the following suggested breakdown:

  • Artist Fee (25%) $32,500
  • Fabrication & Installation (70%) $91,000
  • Contingency (5%) $6,500*

*Any remaining contingency at the completion of the project will revert to the City. 

This amount is inclusive of all costs associated with this public art project including, but not limited to, artist fees, other consultants’ and subcontractors’ fees, insurance, engineering, permits, materials, fabrication, transportation, installation (including any site modification beyond City responsibility), artwork plaque and post installation documentation.