Cycle Tracks

The City of Santa Rosa has installed our very first two-way separated bike lane (two-way cycle track). Two-way cycle tracks (also known as protected bike lanes, separated bikeways, and on-street bike paths) are physically separated cycle tracks that allow bicycle movement in both directions on one side of the road. 

The first two-way cycle track was installed in July 2023 on Armory Drive between Elliott Avenue and Ridgway Avenue. This facility created a low-stress bicycle route for SRJC students, local residents, and the greater community. The two-way cycle track also improved pedestrian travel on the corridor because it provides a larger buffer between vehicles and pedestrians. Eventually, this facility will link bicyclists to the Highway 101 Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing which is planned to link Edwards Avenue west of Highway 101 and Elliot Avenue on the east side of Highway 101. You can learn more about that project here.

The City will install another two-way cycle track on Santa Rosa Avenue between 1st Street and Sonoma Avenue in the late summer of 2023. This facility will allow a safe and comfortable entry/exit from the Prince Memorial Greenway and includes reconstruction of one portion of sidewalk to enable bicyclists to enter the future two-way cycle track without getting off their bicycles. The installation of the cycle track will occur in two phases, one phase as part of the downtown slurry work and one phase as part of the Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor Improvement Project. You can learn more about that project here.

The installation of the two-way cycle tracks on Santa Rosa Avenue and Armory Drive were funded through the Transportation Fund for Clean Air grant, administered by Sonoma County Transportation Authority. These funds come from a $4 vehicle registration surcharge applied to all vehicles licensed in the Bay Area, which is managed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. 

Benefits of Two-Way Cycle Tracks

Two-way cycle tracks dedicate and protect space for bicyclists by:
  • Improving comfort and safety
  • Reducing crossing distances for pedestrians
  • Reducing maintenance costs on roads because heavy vehicle traffic is not permitted and are not deteriorating the surface of the bicycle lane
  • Eliminating risk and fear of collisions with over-taking vehicles
  • Reducing risk of ‘dooring’ in which a parked vehicle opens a door into the bicycle right-of-way and causes a collision
  • Eliminating the risk of a 'doored' bicyclist being run over by a motor vehicle
  • Are more attractive and safe for bicyclists of all ages and abilities

Armory Drive Cycle Track Facing North

Image 5

Armory Drive Cycle Track Facing South

Image 3
Watch this video by the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, which shows the entire length of the Armory Drive two-way cycle track!