Zero Waste Holiday Tips

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It's that time of year again - the season of holiday planning is upon us. Whether you're committed to expanding your Zero Waste lifestyle or you're just starting your zero waste journey, the holidays can be a challenging time to stick with your zero waste goals. However, with a little forethought and planning, committing to a zero waste approach to the holidays can be achieved.

Celebrate the holidays with a few eco-friendly and zero waste ideas like planning ahead to avoid food waste, use nature inspired decorations, what to do with your holiday leftovers, eco-friendly gift wrapping alternatives and more.

Kitchen Scraps and Leftovers

NF_Zero Waste Holiday Kitchen Scraps

Compost Kitchen Scraps and Leftovers

Did you know that when food waste is sent to the landfill, it produces methane gas, a harmful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change?  It’s why composting food scraps, allowing them to decompose properly, is not only beneficial to our soil and gardens, but it also reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases we produce.

Holiday Entertaining

Zero Waste Holiday Entertaining

Reuse, Keep it Simple, Keep it Green

Making conscious and simple changes towards reducing our environmental footprint this holiday season can result in significant long-term benefits to the environment. Let's explore some easy ways you can reduce waste while entertaining this holiday season.

Gifts and Gift Wrapping

Zero Waste Holiday Tips of Gifting and Wrapping

Gift More Sustainably

For many of us, gift-giving is a wonderful way to show we care and connect with our loved ones. However, the choices we make in gifting and gift wrapping can make a big impact on our environment, choose zero waste.

New Year's Resolutions

Zero Waste Holiday Resolutions

Here are a few environmentally sustainable zero-waste lifestyle resolutions you could commit to implementing. 

  • Commit to Compost Organic Waste
  • Bring Reusable Bags to the Market
  • Reuse and Recycle Everything Possible
  • Buy in Bulk to Reduce Packaging
  • Shop Secondhand

Christmas Tree Composting

Zero Waste Christmas Tree Composting

Holiday Tree Recycling Options

As the holidays come to a close, remember to properly plan to have your holiday tree recycled the zero-waste way, by turning it into mulch or compost. Only real trees, without decorations, lights, stands, tinsel and flocking can be recycled and composted.  

Review Santa Rosa residents' options to recycle your holiday tree.