Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

The map below shows all existing bicycle infrastructure, as well as all bicycle infrastructure that is proposed in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update 2018. Note that the "Bike Routes Proposed in 2018 BPMP" does not mean that the facility will be constructed in the coming years. Rather, these facilities are what the community and the City envision to be completed in the future as funding becomes available. The icons on the map provide information on various projects that the City is undertaking to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Click on each icon to learn more about the projects.
  1. Torina Wilson

    Transportation Planner

Definitions of Bicycle Lane Classifications

The map below includes several types of bicycle lanes. There are four classifications of bicycle lanes, each with varying levels of stress for riders. These facilities are described below. 
  • Class I: Shared-use paths or multi-use trails that are fully separated from vehicle traffic. These are the least stressful facilities for riders. An example includes the Santa Rosa Creek Trail.
  • Class II: Facilities that are on the right side of vehicle traffic, separated with striping. Some facilities are considered Class IIB if there is a two-foot or wider buffer painted between the bicycle lane and the road. These facilities are more stressful than Class I facilities and can be high stress on roads with fast-moving traffic. Examples include Guerneville Road for Class II and W College for Class IIB.
  • Class III: Facilities where there is no dedicated bicycle facility but that include "share the road" signs posted on signs and painted on the ground. These facilities are considered the least safe facilities. Class IIIB facilities are similar but also include traffic calming facilities and are labeled as Bicycle Boulevards. Humboldt Street and eastern Jennings Avenue are Bicycle Boulevards.
  • Class IV: Also known as Cycle Tracks, are bicycle lanes in the same location as Class II facilities, but have added protections in the form of delineators to protect bicycles from vehicles. These are considered the second safest types of facilities behind Class I. Armory Drive is the city's first Cycle Track.

Projects Completed or Currently Under Construction in 2023

Project Location Project Description Council District
Armory Drive Cycle Track 0.5 miles of Class IV facility 4
Range Avenue from Russell Avenue to Bicentennial Avenue 0.1 miles of Class II facility 6
Range Avenue from Edwards Avenue to 100 feet south of Guerneville Road 0.56 miles of Class II facility 5
W College Avenue from 150 feet west of Halyard Drive to the CalFIRE Station 0.2 miles of Class IIB facility 7
Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor Improvements 0.35 miles of Class II facility, widened sidewalks, and new bulb-outs 5
Hoen Avenue and Sierra Creek Lane New Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) 2
Fulton Road at Piner High School New High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) 7
Fulton Road from Appletree Drive to Piner Road Sidewalks installed on each side to close gaps 6
Sebastopol Road and Laurel Grove Circle New RRFB 7