Wayfinding in the City

The City of Santa Rosa is currently drafting amendments to the existing Sign Ordinance (Zoning Code Section 20-38-040(U)). This particular section of the Zoning Code currently allows for the implementation of wayfinding signs in the Downtown Courthouse Square area to guide the public to various locations and amenities.

In June 2023, a pilot program was launched in the Railroad Square area to collect feedback on commercial wayfinding signs. This program is temporary and will last for up to one year. During this time, the City will conduct public outreach to create an ordinance for proposed changes to the wayfinding sign regulations. These signs can currently be found at intersections within the Railroad Square area.

The updates to the City's wayfinding sign ordinance will establish standards for the temporary wayfinding sign program and its potential transition to permanency, as well as for any future wayfinding signs in the Downtown area.

Santa Rosa values your input in deciding how wayfinding signs will be used Downtown! We kindly request that you take five minutes to complete a brief eight-question survey to assist the City in the process of adopting a new wayfinding sign ordinance.

Take the Survey | Tomar la Encuesta

The survey is expected to close on Nov. 9 at 11:59 p.m.


Railroad Square Wayfinding Sign faces north
Sign 9 Side 2