Recycled Water Truck Hauling Program


Recycled Water Trucking Program

The City is permitted to operate a recycled water truck filling station for use within the City’s recycled water service area for approved uses of recycled water, mostly for dust control on roads and streets, soil compaction and other construction purposes.

Who can haul recycled water?

Any customers/user who has been issued a Recycled Water Truck Program Use Permit (Use Permit) and completed the required training may use recycled water for the approved uses.

How do I get a Use Permit?

The Recycled Water Truck Program Use Permit issued for approved construction uses are only issued to commercial haulers. To apply for and obtain a Use Permit follow the use permit procedures, click here.

Use Permit Resources

1. PDF Use Permit/Application Form here.

2. Online self-paced Trucking Program Training, here.

Is the water free?

No. Customers must pay a service and usage fee per Santa Rosa City Code Sections 14-04.090 as currently adopted plus or minus any adjustments in fees that may be adopted during the duration of this Permit.

Where can I use the recycled water?

Recycled water is only permitted to be applied within the boundary of the City's recycled water service area.