Gang Awareness for Citizens

If you suspect gang activity in your area, contact the police immediately. Gangs often lead to crime problems, and the police should be made aware of any potential problem areas.

Develop Positive Alternatives

Are there after-school and weekend activities kids can enjoy? Can the school offer its facilities? Can parents organize clubs or sports? Can older kids tutor or mentor younger ones? Can the kids themselves help with ideas?

Work With Police & Other Agencies

Report all suspicious activity. Set up a Neighborhood Watch or a community patrol. Let the police know about gang graffiti. Get (and share) the facts on the gang problem in your community. Find out what local services, non-profit as well as government, will work with communities to help avoid gang problems.

After Contacting the Police

Get organized against the gang organization.

Use the system. Work with the local authorities and city or school organizations. Use your neighborhood association or get together with others to form a new group. Get help from a variety of sources right in your community. In addition to the police: religious leaders, family counselors, community associations, school counselors or principals, athletic coaches, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA, Scouts, drug abuse prevention groups, youth-serving agencies and community centers, just to name a few.

The Santa Rosa Police Department currently has a Gang Crime Investigations Team and a School Resource Team that can help you with gang problems in your neighborhood. Contact them at 707-543-3670 or you can leave information on our Gang Tip Hotline 707-543-GANG.