City of Santa Rosa Cannabis Program

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On December 19, 2017, the City Council unanimously adopted the City’s Comprehensive Cannabis Ordinance.  The regulations address the locational and operational requirements for personal cannabis cultivation and commercial cannabis businesses, covering allowances for both medical and adult use.   The ordinance goes into effect on January 19, 2018.  For more information on the new regulations go to the Comprehensive Cannabis Policy Page.

Non-retail applications: The City is accepting land use applications for non-retail cannabis businesses.  Applications for adult use and/or volatile manufacturing (Type 7) will be accepted on or after January 19, 2018.

Retail (dispensary) applications:  The City’s Cannabis Retail Application Intake Period closed on April 20, 2018.  A total of 38 Cannabis Retail applications were filed during this intake period.  Moving into the next phase, the City will be completing all associated neighborhood meetings and reviewing the applications for completeness and potential overconcentration.  See the Commercial Cannabis Application Support Page for a comprehensive outline of the Cannabis Retail Application process and for additional application tools.  

NEW!  Cannabis Retail Applications filed by April 20, 2018

NEW!  Preliminary Cannabis Retail Applications Map


Fees paid in cash:  Cash payments in-excess of $3,000 will not be accepted at Planning & Economic Development.  If a payment in-excess of $3,000 is anticipated; the application will still be submitted at 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 3; but arrangements must be made to make the cash payment at Finance at 90 Santa Rosa Avenue after the application is submitted. For directions go to the Cannabis Permit Payment Procedure

In 2018, the City will focus on the implementation stage of the City’s Cannabis Program.  The City is in the process of developing the staff and program support tools needed to ensure that the Program is effective in its permitting, outreach and education, monitoring, taxation and enforcement. 

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