Relocation Guide

This guide will help you find the right neighborhood for your family.

Moving can be an exciting adventure for some; however it can also be stressful and at times, unpredictable.


Check RaidsOnLine for crime maps, graphs and charts of an area.

Potential Neighborhoods

If you are planning on moving to the City of Santa Rosa, the following information may be helpful to you when looking at potential neighborhoods:
  • Are the houses and yards well maintained?
  • Are speed limits and other traffic laws practiced by drivers?
  • Are there abandoned or broken down cars on the street or near property you are looking at?
  • Are the trees and shrubs trimmed to allow greater visibility in order to enhance a feeling of safety?
  • Does it appear the homeowners have pride in their properties?
  • Drive through the neighborhood at different times of the day, night and on weekends to see what types of activities are occurring.
  • Find out what their perceptions of the neighborhood are and whether or not they are happy living there.
  • Is the neighborhood part of an association that enforces Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions? Moving
  • Is there a lot of vehicle traffic on the street you're looking at?
  • Neighborhood Watch Program - check with neighbors in the area for the "Captain" of the neighborhood.
  • Talk to neighbors on the street you are considering living on as well as the neighbors to the rear.
  • Utilize the resources that are available through your real estate agent. In addition to real estate information, their office should provide you with names and numbers of the utility companies you will need to contact in addition to letting you know which schools are in or near your new neighborhood.


If you will be renting:
  • In addition to what has already been listed, talk to the property manager to find out other specifics about the property.
  • Find out what problems (if any) were noted with the last renters.
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