Family Recreation Tips

Mark Your Property

Like your TV, VCR, stereo and other belongings at home, camping equipment is also vulnerable to theft, especially when left in the open. Mark all your belongings with your California driver's license number, and keep a record of equipment.
  • Mark your tent, sleeping bags and clothing with indelible ink
  • Engrave your food locker, thermos, coolers, lamps and flashlights - and don't forget fishing poles, tackle boxes, backpacks, barbecue grills, snorkels and fins

Safety Precautions

  • Be sure everyone in your party is aware of park/campground rules and regulations
  • Consider having everyone carry a whistle to use in case of an emergency
  • If you are being annoyed by a discourteous person(s), report the person(s) to the police or park ranger
  • Never let children wander off by themselves or leave them unattended near a body of water
  • When hiking, backpacking or cross- country skiing, notify the ranger or campground host of your plans, including the trails you are taking, the expected time of your return and the name of a friend or relative to be notified in case of an emergency

You Can Help

Remember, parks and wilderness areas are for everyone's use. Be sure to pick up your litter and extinguish all fires so we can preserve the natural beauty of our parks. Report any suspicious activity you witness to park rangers.