Personal Safety Tips

The following tips can help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime when you are out and about or working at your job. This information has been prepared for your protection so you will not take unnecessary risks. By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk to yourself, and also discourage those who commit crimes.

Be Prepared

  • Always be alert and aware of the people around you
  • Educate yourself concerning prevention tactics
  • Be aware of locations and situations which would make you vulnerable to crime, such as alleyways and dark parking lots

If a Crime Does Occur Report it

Everyone should consider it his or her responsibility to report crime. Many criminals develop favorite areas for working, as well as predictable methods of operation. When you report all the facts about a crime, it helps the police assign officers in the places where crimes are occurring or where they are most likely to occur. At least one out of two crimes in the United States goes unreported, either because people don't think the police can do anything about it, or because people don't want to get involved. if you don't report crime, this allows the criminal to continue to operate without interference.

In many cases, it is the information provided by victims and witnesses that leads to the arrest of a criminal. So tell the police as much as you can; no fact is too trivial. The police need the eyes and ears of all citizens.