Personal Safety at Work

Tips for Staying Safe at Work

  • Be alert for pickpockets on crowded elevators
  • Be aware of escape routes for emergencies and post the police and fire department numbers near telephones
  • Don't leave cash or valuables at the office
  • If you are in an elevator with another person, stand near the control panel. if attacked, press the alarm and as many of the control buttons as possible
  • If you work alone or before/after normal business hours, keep the office door locked
  • If you work late, try to find another worker or a security guard to walk out with you
  • Never leave your purse or billfold in plain view or in the pocket of a jacket hanging on a door
  • Personal property should be marked with your California Driver's License number
  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to the proper authorities (office manager, building security, law enforcement)