When a property owner wants to use their property for a use not allowed by the current zoning, the owner may apply for a zone change. The proposed new zone must be consistent with the City's General Plan. The City Council may act to change the zoning of any property in the City of Santa Rosa.

Steps for Rezoning

Step 1 - File Application

Please visit the Planning Application Portal to review and complete the necessary application materials. View the Rezoning Checklist on the Planning Application Portal to see the list of submittal requirements.

The Planning and Economic Development Department will review the application to see if all the needed information was submitted. If all information is not submitted or is found inadequate, you will be notified. That notification will tell you what additional information is required. The assigned planner will refer your proposed project to other City departments and public organizations for their review. The planner will be your contact throughout the process.

Step 2 - Environmental Review

All rezoning applications will require a preliminary environmental review by the planner. The purpose of this review is to see if the project would cause any environmental impacts. You may be required to submit additional information regarding traffic, noise, etc. Following a review of all information, the planner will make the appropriate environmental determination. Please see Environmental Review for details about the environmental process.

Step 5 - Planning Commission Action

All rezonings require a public hearing before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission's role is to recommend either approval or denial of the project to the City Council. The planner will prepare a report with recommendations and forward it to the Planning Commission and to you before the meeting. The Planning Commission meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month. At the Planning Commission meeting you will be given an opportunity to present your proposal. The planner will then present staff's analysis and recommendation. Any member of the public wishing to speak on the matter may do so. Following public comments, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation on your project to the City Council. If denied, the decision may be appealed to the City Council. The appeal must be filed in writing with the City Clerk within 10 calendar days from the date of the Planning Commission action.

Step 6 - City Council Action

If the Planning Commission recommends approval to the City Council, the Council must hold a public hearing before taking final action. The case planner prepares a written report that includes the recommendations of the Planning Commission and forwards it to the City Council. You will receive a copy of the report and will be notified by mail of the date and time of the City Council meeting. City Council meetings are held every Tuesday except the fifth Tuesday of any month. The planner will present the Planning Commission recommendation to the City Council and you will be given an opportunity to present your proposal. Any member of the public is allowed to speak. Following public comments, the City Council will approve or deny your rezoning proposal. The City Council's decision is final.