Home Fire Safety

  1. Safety Checklist
  2. Exit Drills
  3. Candles

Home Safety Checklist


  • If you smoke, do so in a chair, not in bed.
  • Install smoke detectors in each sleeping area and on every level of your home. 
  • Plan two escapes from your bedroom. Practice getting out both ways.
  • Smoke kills. Shut doors to stop it from advancing.


  • Don't store things over the stove; people get burned reaching for them.
  • Smother a pan fire with a lid. Never use water and leave the lid on until it's cool.
  • Turn pot handles so they can't get bumped and children cannot pull them down. Never leave cooking food unattended.
  • Wear tight, short, rolled up or tight-fitting sleeves when you cook. Loose-fitting garments can catch fire.

Living or Family Room

  • Have the chimney checked and cleaned at least once a year.
  • Move portable heaters away from people, furniture and curtains.
  • Dispose of smoking materials in appropriate sized ashtrays.
  • Use a metal fireplace screen.

Basement, Garage & Storage

  • Use caution when charging lithium batteries in your garage and make sure they aren't near combustible materials
  • Don't store things near the furnace or heater.
  • Don't use flammable liquids near heat, a pilot light or while smoking.
  • Keep flammables away from sparks.
  • Move the lawn mower away from gasoline vapors before starting. Cool the motor before refueling.
  • Sort and remove rubbish.
  • Store gasoline and other flammables in tight metal containers.


  • Don't ever use gasoline or kerosene to start at BBQ or outdoor fire pit.
  • Once the fire has been started, never use lighter fluid. Use dry kindling to revive the fire.