Forensic Team

The Forensic Team maintains the Identification Laboratory and perform tasks and duties associated with fingerprint analysis and identification, and assist in processing crime scenes on complex cases.


The Forensic Team is responsible for the general and technical fingerprint analysis of physical evidence using modern technology, conducting fingerprint comparisons, operating and conducting latent searches. They are an invaluable resource to the department as well as the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office.

Identification Laboratory

The Identification Laboratory is equipped with a fully functional photo lab for processing crime scene photographs. They are able to examine fingerprints obtained from crime scene evidence and match them with the fingerprints of known suspects. If no suspect is known, they can utilize the Automated Latent Print System (ALPS) to match fingerprints to person(s) with previous arrest histories.

One of the biggest drawbacks of latent print technology is obtaining complete, identifiable fingerprints at the crime scene. Now, the Forensic Team is utilizing the latest technology such as using alternate light sources. This should increase the number of positive suspect identifications made by latent fingerprint analysis.


Examples of duties include:
  • Collecting related fingerprint evidence
  • Locating, isolating, collecting, analyzing, comparing and identifying fingerprints primarily in a laboratory environment
  • Maintaining proficiency in current and evolving equipment, techniques, and procedures
  • Operating and conducting latent searches
  • Operating and maintaining photographic and other equipment
  • Photographing crime scenes
  • Preparing and maintaining records and reports
  • Preserving evidence integrity
  • Processing and developing photographs
  • Providing expert testimony