Violent Crime Investigations Team

Duties & Responsibilities

The Violent Crime Investigations Team (VCI) conducts detailed investigations of violent felony offenses in order to identify criminals and bring them to justice for the protection of the community. Investigators assigned to VCI are highly trained professionals who investigate crimes of a very serious nature. These crimes include:
  • Adult missing persons
  • Elder abuse
  • Felony assaults
  • Homicide
  • Hostage taking
  • Kidnapping
  • Officer involved shooting
  • Robbery
  • Suspicious death

Identification Lab

The Violent Crimes Team also includes the Identification Lab which is staffed by two Forensic Specialists.

Death Investigations

The most critical investigations conducted by detectives are those involving the loss of human life. Detectives investigate more than 230 felony cases per year.

Professional Relationships

One of the priorities of the VCI team has been to continue to develop and strengthen professional relationships with outside agencies such as the District Attorney's Office, Sonoma County allied agencies, FBI, Superior Court judges, the Public Defender's Office, County Probation and State Parole. Monthly meetings are held at the regional state parole office to discuss significant issues involving wanted suspects and other related information. Police Departments and the Sheriff's Office of Sonoma County have adopted a Fatal Incident Protocol (PDF) which has allowed VCI investigators the opportunity to work with investigators from the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, Petaluma Police Department, and Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety during major investigations. By working with investigators from other agencies, VCI detectives have been able to broaden their expertise and learn additional investigative techniques.


The VCI team works proactive cases involving serial street, home and bank robberies. Detectives continually monitor difficult cases that have minimal leads in an effort to put a series of cases together and identify the suspects with the aid of investigative intelligence sources. The VCI team also works closely with the Gang Crime Investigations Team sharing resources on violent cases.


The Violent Crimes Team can be reached at 707-543-3590.