About Us

Paving of Streets


Enhancing our City's vibrant quality of life through excellent transportation services and responsive stewardship of the public infrastructure and environment with pride and dedication to the community.

Maintaining Infrastructure

The Transportation and Public Works Department builds and maintains the City's vast infrastructure which includes streets, traffic signals, storm drains, bridges, sidewalks, street lights, and the City fleet which includes buses, fire engines, and police patrol cars.

Economic Vitality

A healthy infrastructure is critical to the economic vitality and quality of life in Santa Rosa, and it is crucial to public health and safety. We work to provide our community with a public infrastructure that functions smoothly and is environmentally sustainable.

Maintaining City Roadways

Santa Rosa has over 500 miles of City streets, representing an approximate $1.4 billion investment in City infrastructure. Santa Rosa has more street mileage than most cities in the Bay Area, with only San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco having more street mileage. Maintaining this vast and integral resource is challenging because often local, state and federal funding is insufficient to sustain the optimum life of our roadways.

Public Works addresses this challenge by looking for cost effective ways to extend the life of City roadways and prioritizing street maintenance so as to minimize the effects of deterioration.

Field Services

Each year we oversee the removal of more than 2,000 tons of litter and debris from the City's roadways. In five years graffiti removal services and removal costs from our roadway facilities has increased from $25,000 to more than $250,000. Our Streets and Electrical sections perform nearly 20,000 work orders, repairing the City's transportation infrastructure, including traffic signals, street lights, bridges, asphalt, sidewalks, and the electrical networks in public facilities.

Roadway Safety for All Modes of Transportation

We place a special focus on providing facilities for safe and accessible pedestrian and bicycle access to schools. Our Traffic Engineering Division provides traffic engineering services for the City with an emphasis on operating a safe and efficient street system, including school zone safety, pedestrian and bicyclist safety and neighborhood traffic calming.

Santa Rosa will continue to play a major role in addressing transportation (Highway 101, rail, transit, bicycle and pedestrian) issues at a regional level. Traffic congestion relief on the existing street system is important. The City is implementing an Intelligent Transportation /Advanced Traffic Control System and constructing projects to produce a more efficient roadway network.


Transportation and Public Works Maintains and Services a wide range of critical city infrastructure:
  • Over 900 City vehicles and equipment, valued at approximately $39 million
  • 11,000 linear feet of guardrail
  • 16,124 street and park lights
  • 16,000 miles of curb and street swept each year
  • 18,400 storm drain structures
  • 30,000 signs, including street name signs, speed limit signs, etc.
  • Over 220 traffic signals/devices
  • Over 300 miles of underground storm drain pipes
  • 509 center-line miles of streets
  • Three-quarter-million square feet of pavement markings (crosswalks, legends, etc.)