Crime Analysis Team


Traditionally, law enforcement agencies have provided three functions: Administration, Investigations and Patrol. The Crime Analysis Team provides a fourth function: "Centralized Information Management." A number of internal and external sources are used to provide the vast array of products and services to the department.

What the Crime Analysis Team Provides

The Crime Analysis Team provides a process for collecting, categorizing, analyzing, and disseminating timely, accurate, and useful information. Bulletins, crime summaries, statistical analyses, crime maps, tactical action plans, suspect leads, profiles, crime forecasts, and reports are a few of the information dissemination end-products.


The Crime Analysis Team supports a number of department functions including:
  • Administrative services
  • Crime prevention
  • Investigations
  • Patrol deployment
  • Planning and research
  • Special operations and tactical units

What Crime Analysis Identifies

Crime Analysis may be used to identify crime patterns and trends, assist operational and administrative personnel in devising strategies for decreasing and preventing criminal activity, and aid in the investigative process.

View Santa Rosa Crime Statistics by Month or Year

The following links may provide you with just the kind of information you have been looking for. View current crime statistics for the City of Santa Rosa, and use links to federal and state organizations that offer a variety of crime and related statistics.
Staff Activity Reports
City of Santa Rosa Open Data Portal – Police
FBI & Department of Justice Crime Stats

View Maps, Graphs & Charts

Visit RAIDS Online to create your own Santa Rosa crime map, based on date range and crime types, by going to RAIDS Online. You may also create a density (hot-spot) map, and customized graphs and charts with just a few clicks.
View Crimes on RAIDS Online

Associations & Certification

IACA: International Crime Analysts Association

The International Crime Analysts Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training, networking and professional opportunities to crime and intelligence analysts around the world.
IACA International Association of Crime Analysts

Baciaa: Bay Area Crime & Intelligence Analysts Association

The Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association is 1 of 6 regional associations in California offering continuing education and professional resources supporting the job functions of crime and intelligence analysts.
Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association Established 1985

Crime & Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program at Sacramento State University

Graduates of the Sacramento State program receive a Certificate in Crime and Intelligence Analysis, which allows them to apply for the California Department of Justice credential, which designates them as a Certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst for the State of California.
Sacramento State College of Continuing Education