Housing Action Plan

"If we want a California for All, we have to build housing for all. I want to support local governments that do what's right, like...Santa Rosa."

California Governor Gavin Newsom, 2019 State of the State Address

Learn what the City is doing to address housing development needs and opportunities in Santa Rosa and share your own thoughts on how we can help build a more vibrant and livable community!

Support Information

Density Bonus Policy White Paper:  CLICK HERE

Inclusionary Policy Information: CLICK HERE

Accessory Dwelling Unit Policy Information: CLICK HERE

About Santa Rosa's Housing Action Plan

To address the local ongoing unmet housing needs and to implement the City's General Plan Housing Element, the City prepared the Housing Action Plan (PDF) which consists of the following 5 program areas:

  1. Increase inclusionary affordable housing
  2. Achieve "Affordability by design" in market-rate projects
  3. Assemble and offer public land for housing development
  4. Improve development readiness
  5. Increase affordable housing investment and partnerships

Within these 5 program areas, there are 31 program elements. Each program element is an action items addressing all 5 program areas and providing a wide range of approaches to support housing for all affordability levels. Many of the 31 program elements are underway. For a complete list of program elements, click here

New Updates & Reports

Housing Action Plan Elements Update
HUD Report: Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis for Santa Rosa