Fire Prevention Bureau

Aerial photo of SRFD prevention Team and their Vehicles


The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for reviewing, updating and enforcing fire-related codes and ordinances. Activities carried out by this Bureau include:

  • Code compliance inspections of all occupancies except single-family dwellings
  • Investigation of fires to determine origin and cause
  • Public education programs
  • Regulation of business-related hazardous waste
  • Vegetation management inspections
  • Weed abatement program

Santa Rosa Fire Department has been designated by the State of California as a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for hazardous materials regulatory enforcement.


The Santa Rosa Fire Department maintains a progressive Fire Prevention Bureau staffed by a Fire Marshal, three Assistant Fire Marshals, six Fire Inspectors, a Fire Plans Examiner, two community outreach specialists, and the administrative personnel.

All ten of the City's fire stations are involved in a fire inspection program and work closely with Fire Inspectors in the Fire Prevention Bureau to reduce our community's fire risk.

prevention 2023


CUPA Special Application Notice Board (2024):

So forth, Santa Rosa Fire Department will post notice of any submitted applications for 

Hazardous Materials Business Plan Exemption Application for Temporary Emergency Generator Deployment.

The public will have the opportunity to view the applicant company name and request, and have 15 days from the date of which the application is posted below to give public input prior to approval by the SRFD Fire Marshall Division. For public comment, input, and questions please contact Asst. Fire Marshal Kemplen Robbins by phone     

707-543-3545, or by email at [email protected]

Submitting Company: 


Application Received 2/7/2024
PSPS event and use of Diesel Generator for 3 days, in the city of Santa Rosa on Cherry St.