Street Maintenance

Person Painting Street Signage


The Street Maintenance Section is responsible for maintenance and repair of the City's storm drain and street networks including signs, markings, asphalt, and concrete. They also remove graffiti and dead animals (both domestic and wild) from the public right-of-way; respond to flooding and hazardous spills; and clean creeks and ditches.

Street Sweeper on Road

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping services are provided externally by Recology Sonoma Marin. Residential streets are scheduled to be swept once a month. Commercial streets are to be swept more frequently due to increased debris generation. The City of Santa Rosa encourages everyone to help keep debris off the streets and out of our creeks. During storms, much of the debris deposited on the streets between sweepings is washed into the storm drain system and directly into local creeks. 

View the Recology Sonoma Marin Street Sweeping Map to see which day of the month your street sweeping is scheduled in your neighborhood (Please note, the link will take you to an external webpage maintained by Recology Sonoma Marin).

Street Sweeping Questions? Call Recology at 800-243-0291 or visit Recology online.

Visit Street Sweeping for additional information. 

Report Spills on the Roadway

Please report incidents of automobile fluids such as oil or antifreeze that have spilled on the roadway or are leaking into the storm drain system. All storm drain pipes flow directly into local creeks and waterways. Caustic automobile fluids can cause damage to plant and wildlife. Please report spills on the roadway by calling:

Report a Spill

  • 707-543-3800 calls during business hours
  • 707-543-3805 calls after hours

Important Contact Numbers

Phone Number
Dead Animal on Private Property
Dead Animal on Public Right-of-Way
Graffiti Hotline
Injured Animal
Pothole Hotline
Street Flooding
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