Electrical Maintenance

Worker in Bucket Lift


The Electrical Maintenance Section is responsible for maintenance and repair of the City's traffic signals, street lights, and facility electrical systems. The Electrical Maintenance Section responds to all requests related to street lights (flickering / always on or off), burned out traffic signal indicators, knocked down street lights and/or traffic signal poles or signal heads, traffic signal cycling/detection (signal lights stuck on red), pedestrian push button / signals, and bicycle detection.


We take pride in being responsive and competent stewards of the public infrastructure and actively pursue technology and methods that preserve the environment, reduce energy consumption, and limit the use of natural resources. In turn, these initiatives can also translate to tangible and significant tax-dollar savings for Santa Rosa citizens.

Signal Monitoring

The Electrical Maintenance Section uses computer technology to monitor and fix traffic signal timing from remote locations saving vehicle trips. All incandescent traffic signal lamps have been replaced with LED fixtures, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually in electricity.

Street Light Retrofit & Reactivation

The City of Santa Rosa has begun turning back on all the street lights that were deactivated due to budget cuts in 2009-2013. All City street lights will be turned on and equipped with high efficiency LED fixtures by 2020. The new LED street lights will utilize about 40% less energy than the high pressure sodium lights they are replacing, and can last for decades before they need replacing. The Citywide retrofit will result in substantial energy cost savings and greater reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the long life span of LED fixtures will yield reduced maintenance and repair costs.