Sign Regulations

A sign can be anything visible to the public which directs attention to some person, place or thing. The important thing to remember is to check for any permit requirements before ordering any sign or devices which may attract attention. This includes replacing parts of existing signs. Both the lettering and the materials or structures which support it are signs.


The City recognizes that signage is vital to existing and proposed businesses. It is the intent and purpose of the sign regulations in the Zoning Code (Chapter 20-38 Signs) to protect an important aspect of the economic base of the City by preventing the destruction of our natural beauty and environment. The environment is of great value to our residents and also serves to attract non-residents to the City.

Sign Standards

Visit section 20-38.060, Zoning District Sign Standards, of the Zoning Code. Each sign shall comply with the sign type, area, height, and other restrictions provided by this Section. 

Design Review Guidelines

Design Review Guidelines apply to all signs. Check these guidelines as they apply to signs. 

Prohibited Signs

Visit section 20-38.080, Prohibited Signs, of the Zoning Code.  

Get a Permit

Planning Permit

Visit the Planning Application Portal to review and complete the necessary Sign Permit Application.

When Planning Permits Are Not Required

Visit section 20-38.040, Sign changes allowed without a Permitof the Zoning Code.  

Building Permit

A Building Permit (PDF) is required for sign installation. Application forms are available in the Department of Community Development at City Hall. Freestanding signs over six feet tall require engineered calculations. A plan check fee will be required for these signs. Please note that electric signs require a qualified testing lab listing. See the building permit brochure for other requirements. Visit for current fees.