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Hazardous Materials Reporting

Create your facility's Hazardous Materials Inventory or Building Occupancy reports online with the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). This service is available at no cost for your use when approved by your local fire, environmental or hazardous materials regulatory agency. The Santa Rosa Fire Department is a CERS member agency and does approve its use.
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California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

If you are a participant in the Santa Rosa Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Program (CUPA program), you must now submit a current HMMP (Business Plan) online through the CERS Website. Regardless of the submittal date of your last paper Business Plan, please complete the online submittal.

In an effort to assist Businesses with the CERS program, the Santa Rosa Fire Department compiled helpful links on how to complete your Hazardous Materials Business Plan online. The links are at the right of this page under "Haz Mat - CERS Links." For more information contact us by email.