Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area

The lookup feature is intended for City residents. County residents that live within the City’s WUI should contact the County of Sonoma for specific requirements.

Due to climate change, wildfires in the United States are increasing in frequency and duration. Locally, Santa Rosa has been directly impacted by or threated by wildfires in neighboring jurisdictions annually since 2017.

Fire departments are fighting an increased number of fires along the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI), which is defined as areas where homes are built near or among lands prone to wildland fire. The WUI is not a place, per se, but a set of conditions that exist in areas of Santa Rosa. According to the National Fire Protection Association, conditions include (but are not limited to): the amount, type, and distribution of vegetation; the flammability of the structures (homes, businesses, outbuildings, decks, fences) in the area, and their proximity to fire-prone vegetation and to other combustible structures; weather patterns and general climate conditions; topography; hydrology; average lot size; and road construction.

On February 24, 2009, the Santa Rosa City Council approved an amendment to Chapter 47 Section 18-44.4702.1 of the 2007 California Fire Code (CFC), defining a Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area as follows:

Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area is a geographical area in the City of Santa Rosa at significant risk from wildfires as designated on the map titled Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area, dated January 28, 2009, and retained on file in the City Geographic Information System and in the Office of the City’s Fire Marshal. The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area shall include Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones recommended by the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection pursuant to Public Resource Code sections 4201 - 4204 and Government Code sections 51175 - 51189. 

All new construction within a Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area shall meet construction requirements as set forth in Chapter 7A of the most current adopted California Building Code (CBC).

To learn about the CAL FIRE High Hazard Severity Zone Map, click here.

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