Rent Limits & Security Deposits

Rent Limits

Rents are individually negotiated between the owner and the Housing Authority based on the condition and location of the unit, whether any utilities are included in the rent, and the current rent for comparable units in the community. The current maximum allowable limits for rent for the Section 8 Program for the City of Santa Rosa will be given to you at the briefing. The maximum rent is limited by two things; your income and the rental market. The Housing Authority will not approve a rent amount that exceeds the market and won't approve a unit if your portion of the rent exceeds 40% of your income even if the rent amount is at or below market rents.

You pay approximately 30% - 40% of your income for rent. Your rent is determined by your income, assets and expenses (including medical and child care). The monthly housing assistance payment by the Housing Authority is the difference between the contract rent in the lease and the tenant rent.

You are responsible to pay your portion of the rent, promptly, on the first of the month. The subsidy from the Housing Authority is paid directly to the landlord, on the first of each month, after the landlord has signed a Housing Assistance Payment contract.

Security Deposit

The owner can demand no more than is normally required in the area or an amount not to exceed the amount allowed by law. You are responsible for paying the deposit.