Responsibilities of the Housing Authority

The Housing Authority is required to:
  • Publish and advertise information on availability and nature of housing assistance.
  • Publicly invite owners to make dwelling units available; develop relationships and contacts with owners, managers and appropriate associations and groups.
  • Receive and review applications for Housing Choice Vouchers, establish eligibility and maintain a Waiting List.
  • Issue Housing Choice Vouchers to eligible families.
  • Notify families or individuals determined to be eligible.
  • Provide information to family for finding units as it becomes available.
  • Determine amount of Housing Assistance Payments and Gross Family Contribution.
  • Explain program procedures to owners.
  • Review and act on Request for Approval of Tenancy.
  • Make Housing Assistance Payments to participating owners.
  • Reexamine and redetermine amounts of family contribution and Housing Assistance Payments, at least annually. Reexamine family income, assets, composition, medical and child care expenses.
  • Inspect units before leasing and annually thereafter.
  • Administer and enforce Contracts with owners.
  • Comply with Fair Housing and other laws and requirements.
  • The Housing Authority may reveal to your owner:
    • Your current address (as shown in the Housing Authority records); and
    • The name and address (if known to the Housing Authority of the owner of the family's current and prior address.
  • When a family wants to lease a dwelling unit, the Housing Authority may offer the owner other information in the Housing Authority's possession about the family, including information about the tenancy history of family members.