Church of One Tree

Located in downtown Santa Rosa and adjacent to beautiful Juilliard Park, this magnificent venue was built in 1873 from a single 275-foot-tall redwood tree milled in Guerneville. Restored in 2009, the church maintains much of its beautiful original structure, while boasting modern upgrades.

Ripley's "Believe It or Not!"

Robert Ripley, a native of Santa Rosa, wrote about the Church of One Tree - where his mother attended services - as one of his earliest installments of "Believe It or Not!" In 1970, Ripley re-purposed the Church of One Tree as the Ripley Memorial Museum which was stocked with curiosities and "Believe It or Not!" memorabilia for nearly 2 decades.

Price Sheet & Estimate

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Monday-Thursday $118-$140/hr
Friday $127-$153/hr
Saturday $163-$201/hr
Sunday $136-$164/hr