Fire Operations Bureau

The Santa Rosa Fire Department is an all risk fire department that provides services to mitigate the effects of a variety of emergency situations, including medical emergencies, physical entrapment, fires and releases of hazardous materials. The provision of these services is the responsibility of the Operations section of the Department. To provide a timely response, fire stations are strategically located throughout the City and the Roseland Fire District.
A fire engine at the scene of a fire.


The Operations Bureau staffs a Hazardous Materials Response Team which provides emergency response services to isolate, contain, identify and mitigate unplanned and uncontrolled releases of hazardous substances within the Santa Rosa city limits. Additionally, the Bureau operates a Technical Rescue Unit for providing urban search and rescue, high/low angle rescue, confined space and other specialized services to rescue trapped persons. More than one dozen personnel from SRFD serve on California USAR Task Force-4, a Specialized Federal Urban Search and Rescue Team that is mobilized during disaster situations. This Task Force and members of SRFD most recently were deployed for rescue operations during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


The Santa Rosa Fire Department responds to all types of requests for assistance from the public. The majority of these calls are to provide emergency medical service. All engine and truck companies are equipped to deliver emergency medical care and the Departments engine companies are staffed with Paramedics. Firefighters are trained to provide essential life-saving treatment, including cardiac defibrillation, and to treat injuries such as lacerations, fractures or burns.

Bureau Responsibilities

The City of Santa Rosa has a wide assortment of potential fire problems, ranging from high-rise buildings, to extensive brush covered hills with homes intermixed, to industrial plants. The Department is equipped and trained for combating fires in each of these situations and all other types in-between. Additionally, Santa Rosa firefighters are trained and equipped to deal with technical rescue situations, such as vehicle accident entrapment, confined space rescue (such as building collapse), rescue from elevated locations and the rescue of persons trapped in swiftly moving water. Between emergency calls, firefighters present public fire safety programs, conduct fire safety inspections, maintain apparatus and equipment, participate in training classes and field training exercises.

The Department's Training and Safety Division and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division are also part of the Operations section.