Benefits to Owners

Benefits to Owners Who Lease to Tenants With a Section 8 Voucher

  • The owner has increased assurance the rent will be paid. The Housing Authority pays the owner a fixed portion of the rent each month. The family pays the rest.
  • Security Deposit: The owner has the right to require a security deposit from the tenant the same as the security deposit demanded from an unassisted renter.
  • Inspections: The Housing Authority inspects and approves the unit (most residences in Santa Rosa meet the Authority's Housing Quality Standards.) before a lease is signed. The Housing Authority will also inspect annually to verify the property is being maintained in good condition.
  • Rent Increases: The owner may periodically increase the total rent charged with 60 days written notice to tenant and Housing Authority. The Authority will make sure any rent increases are reasonable as judged by market conditions.
  • Lease: Owners use their own lease and the HUD-required Lease Addendum must be used in conjunction with this lease. Owners may use month-to-month or longer terms at their discretion.
  • Moving: When the tenant moves, the owner has no further obligation to participate in the program. The Housing Authority will refer new families eligible for the program if the owner desires.
  • Evictions: If the tenant violates the lease, the owner may evict the tenant in accordance with the terms of the lease and State law, just as with unassisted tenancy.
  • Tenant Problems: The Housing Authority may be able to assist in working out owner-tenant problems. Problems such as nonpayment of tenant rent, destruction of property, unauthorized persons living in the unit who are not on the lease - all of these should be brought to our attention. Owners may evict tenants who do not comply with the terms of the lease.