Program Definitions

  • Acceptable Housing: Any type of housing may be rented - apartments, houses, duplexes, etc. - so long as the unit is the correct size for the family, is located in Santa Rosa and is in decent, safe and sanitary condition and is "legal" with regards to zoning, required building permits, etc.
  • Contract Rent: The tenant and the Housing Authority combined rent, payable to the owner. The Housing Authority will make a fixed Housing Assistance Payment each month. The tenant will pay the rest of the agreed upon rent payment directly to the owner.
  • Housing Assistance Payments Contract: The "Contract," a written agreement between the Housing Authority and an owner for the purpose of providing housing assistance payments on behalf of an eligible family.
  • Initial Inspection: Upon receipt of the Request for Lease Approval, the Housing Authority will contact the owner or agent to schedule the initial inspection. The Housing Authority will not be responsible for rent until the unit passes inspection.
  • Lease: A written agreement between an owner and an eligible family for the leasing of an existing housing unit.
  • Request for Lease Approval: The 1-page form which must be completed and returned to the Housing Authority for approval. Submittal of this completed form to the Housing Authority affirms the joint intention of the family and the owner to enter into a lease and contract.
  • The Voucher: The Section 8 voucher is issued by the Housing Authority declaring a family eligible for program participation.