Responsibilities of Owners

The rights and responsibilities of an owner, under Section 8, are basically the same as they are in the private market.

The owner:

  • Screens and selects the tenant (the Housing Authority does not screen for tenant suitability)
  • Collects family portion of the rent.
  • Deals directly with the tenant family and may evict them for cause.
  • Maintains the unit and makes necessary repairs, including installation of any required dead bolts and smoke detectors.
  • Ensures that basic utilities are available, either paid by the tenant or included in the rent.
  • Complies with Fair Housing laws and state laws governing tenant/landlord relations.

Charging Rent

The rent should be reasonable when compared to similar units with similar amenities in the local area. The Housing Authority will test for rent reasonableness before the tenant moves in, and when any rent increase is requested. Owners can provide comparable unit information to the Housing Authority for consideration.

The Housing Authority will determine what portion of rent the tenant should pay, and will pay the balance of the rent directly to the owner.