About Us

Our Mission

Protecting public health by sustaining water resources, infrastructure, and the environment.
What We Do
Santa Rosa Water protects public health and the environment by providing a safe and reliable water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, beneficial reuse of recycled water and biosolids, and storm water management. By providing these critical water, sewer, and storm water services to households, businesses, schools, hospitals, and others, Santa Rosa Water is achieving its overarching mission. 

Water & Sewer

Santa Rosa's water system is continually monitored to ensure our drinking water meets or exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's and State Water Resources Control Board's safe drinking water requirements. Santa Rosa Water delivers approximately six billion gallons of drinking water, each year, to over 53,000 customer accounts, and maintains the sanitary sewer system for over 49,000 customer accounts in Santa Rosa, serving a population of 173,000. These systems include roughly 1,200 miles of water and sewer pipelines.
Water Reuse
Santa Rosa Water operates the Regional Water Reuse System, which includes water recycling, water reuse (i.e. agricultural and urban irrigation, and the Geysers recharge), and biosolids beneficial reuse (i.e. land application and compost). These operations are carried out at the Laguna Treatment Plant. The Laguna Treatment Plant serves a regional population of 230,000 in the communities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati, the South Park Sanitation District, and some unincorporated parts of Sonoma County. 
Storm Water
In addition to supplying quality water services to its customers, Santa Rosa Water also takes a strong role in protecting our watershed by preventing pollution and working to restore over 100 miles of City creeks to enhance natural conditions.