Mobilehome Parks in Santa Rosa

There are currently 16 mobilehome parks subject to Rent Control in the City with a total of 2,155 spaces, most of which are rented to mobilehome owners. There are also two mobilehome subdivisions where the mobilehome owners own their individual lots. See the links below for a map of the mobilehome parks in the City, and a list of parks subject to the City of Santa Rosa Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance, which was enacted by the City in 1993. The Rent Control Ordinance has been amended effective August 11, 2023. A copy of the Amended Ordinance and other helpful information are included below under "Additional Resources".

For questions regarding the City's Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance, please call the Department of Housing and Community Services at 707-543-3300 or email [email protected]. Para información en español, por favor llame al 707-543-3300.

For any other questions related to Mobilehome Parks, please contact the State of California at (800) 952-8356, the State's website can be accessed here

The full text of the Rent Control Ordinance, Chapter 6-66 of the Santa Rosa City Code can be accessed here

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA Metropolitan Area for  August 2023. CPI for the 12-month period ending August 2023 is 3.4%. In accordance with the City's Mobilehome Rent Control Ordinance, CPI rent increases are limited to 70% of CPI, equating to 2.38%.

RESIDENTS! To assist in estimating upcoming rent increases, you can now use the Mobilehome Rent Increase Calculator below. Please note this is an estimation tool only and should not be used as a substitution for management-generated rent amounts. 

Additional Resources