Capital Projects Engineering

Capital Projects Engineering Workers

Upgrading Infrastructure

The Capital Projects Engineering Division is responsible for design and construction of projects to rehabilitate, upgrade and expand the City's infrastructure. Capital Projects (including design and construction costs) are primarily funded through sewer and water rates, gas taxes, other transportation-related Federal, State and local funding sources, development fees, storm water utility revenue, and grants. Capital Projects Engineering services are provided directly by City staff and indirectly by consultant professionals with oversight by City staff.

Capital Projects Engineering is comprised of engineering and technical staff that are committed to enhancing the following facilities to protect public health and safety, and the environment:
  • Bridges and other Structures
  • Creeks and Drainage Systems
  • Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Other City Facilities
  • Parks
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection System
  • Street Network
  • Traffic Signals and Systems
  • Water Distribution System