Capital Projects Contracts

Capital Projects Contracts & Open Bids

With the exception of very minor improvements, all capital projects are constructed by private contractors. The City hires these contractors through a competitive bidding process specified by State law and City ordinances. Notices of opportunities to bid on City contracts are available on PlanetBids. Minor contracts (as defined by City ordinance) can be awarded by the City Manager, while major contracts must be awarded by the City Council of Board of Public Utilities.

Consultants may submit proposals through PlanetBids in response to open Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Requests for Statements of Qualifications.

Doing Business with the City

The Transportation and Public Works Department annually solicits Statements of Qualifications to assure that the City has the best consultants available for use under Master Professional Service Agreements. This RSQ process will allow us to consider firms who have recently expressed interest in providing engineering services. 

In 2018, Request for Statements of Qualifications from consulting firms will be announced via Planetbids. If you are interested in receiving notification when our annual process begins, please register as a vendor. 


Consultants with a Master Professional Service Agreement with the City of Santa Rosa

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