City Hall Council Chambers

Current Exhibit

October 24 – December 14, 2017
Reception: Friday, November 3,
5 - 7pm


Chris, born in Santa Rosa is a Sonoma State and local Junior College alumni and has studied in Egypt and Paris.  He employs older more traditional methods of making his paints using raw materials. He also works in sculpture, printmaking, drawing and photography to find which medium will suit each finished piece. He often infuses his work with nostalgia. He feels that that which could normally condemn art to kitsch can be made instead to convey a deeper subtext of struggles and triumphs. His result is a multi-facetted view into personal yet approachable works of art.

Upcoming Exhibit

December 19, 2017 –
February 8, 2018
Reception: Friday, January 12,
5 - 7pm


Mica Jennings is a graphic and clothing designer by trade and a painter, illustrator and potter by chance. Mica’s fascination with domestic and wild animal life is shared by her teenaged son, but sadly, not by her cat, who will not allow any other animals in the house. The unsated longing for a vast animal acquaintance has led Mica to invoke their likenesses in this exposition, in lieu
of knowing them personally. She hopes to impart some sense of the purity held in the hearts of all beasts through her work.