Fulton Road Improvements - Phase 1 Widening

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For Construction Updates, visit the Fulton Road Improvements website.

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Fulton Road Widening (Guerneville Road to Piner Road) - 
Construction July 2022 through spring 2024

The project will widen and reconstruct one-mile of Fulton Road into four vehicle travel lanes with a median using roller compacted concrete (RCC), between Guerneville and Piner Road. The project widening will improve the city’s transportation network and promote multi-modal transportation with the installation of bike lanes and sidewalk widening along this one-mile corridor. This project has been envisioned in the Santa Rosa 2035 General Plan as an arterial/regional road to be widened to improve circulation, safety, and operation along Fulton Road. 

The project will implement proposed 6-foot wide sidewalks and proposed Class II bicycle lanes in the north and south direction of Fulton Road. Installation of High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signal south of Piner High School.

The project construction started July 2022 and will take 18 to 24 months to complete. Residents should expect traffic delays and watch for changing traffic conditions during construction.

Project Improvements include:

  • Installing Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for the length of the project.
  • Overhead utility poles and utility lines relocated underground by PG&E through their Rule 20A Underground Utility District Program, (completed).
  • Reconstructing forty-two (42) directional curb ramps at intersections
  • Installing Class II bike lanes 
  • Installing and widening sidewalks to six-feet along both sides of the one-mile corridor.
  • Installing four (4) separate retaining wall structures.
  • Installing and replacing ~4,000 linear feet of storm drain.
  • Installing ~5,300 linear feet of fiber optic cable for traffic signal coordination.
  • Installing twenty-nine (29) streetlights
  • Installing a High-intensity Activated crossWalk (HAWK) fronting Piner High School.
  • Installing ~2,700 square feet of low impact development planters and swales for storm water treatment.
  • Planting one-hundred and forty-two (142) trees.

Project funding sources include:

  • Sonoma County Transit Authority (SCTA) Measure M 
  • Senate Bill 1 (SB-1)  Road Repair and Accountability Act
  • Capital Facilities Fees (CFF)
  • Utility Impact Fees (UIF) 

The City spent $11.7 million of local funds to construct improvements on Fulton Road north of Piner Road to Wood Road. The Fulton Road Improvements - Phase 1 is a Measure M Local Street Project.  Measure M funds ($8.7 million) are being spent on Fulton Road improvements south of Piner Road to Guerneville Road. 

The Fulton Road Improvements are to be delivered in two phases. Phase 1 improvements from Guerneville Road to Wood Road includes widening to two lanes in each direction with sidewalks and bicycle lanes on both sides. Phase 2 is a grade separated interchange to replace the signalized intersection of Fulton Road and State Highway 12. Fulton Road Improvements Phase 1, between Piner Road and Gueneville Road, will overlay existing pavement, add Class II bicycle lanes, and relocate existing overhead utilities underground. The City will also install curb and gutter, storm drainages, bicycle lanes and sidewalk both sides for a distance of approximately 2 miles.
The environmental document was completed and certified in August 2017. The City is currently working on the design.

Project Schedule

Complete Environmental Phase June 2018
Complete Design December 2021
Right-of-Way (ROW) December 2021
Start Construction June/July 2022
End Construction Spring 2024
For more information please contact:
Chris Catbagan
Associate Engineer
[email protected]