Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST)

The Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST), operated by Catholic Charities and funded by the City, is a street outreach team that actively works in our community to engage unsheltered homeless into services and housing in collaboration with the Police Department’s Downtown Enforcement Team (DET) and other providers such as Social Advocates for Youth. The City Council funded this pilot effort starting in August 2015.  

For referrals call (707) 978-8329 or HOST@srcharities.org

Clean Start ProgramClean Start Trailer

HOST operates the Clean Start mobile bathroom-shower trailer at various sites in Santa Rosa. In addition to providing access to clean showers and bathrooms, the Clean Start program serves as an outreach tool to further HOST’s efforts to engage persons experiencing homelessness in our community into services. 

The Clean Start mobile bathroom-shower trailer is stationed at the Safe Social Distance Site at the Finley Community Center until further notice. For more information about the Safe Social Distancing Program, please visit the COVID-19 Homelessness Solutions web page