Green Initiatives in Field Services

Responsive Stewards

Field Services Division staff takes pride in being responsive and competent stewards of the public infrastructure and actively pursues technology and methods that preserve the environment, reduce energy consumption, and limit the use of natural resources. In turn, these initiatives can also translate to tangible and significant tax-dollar savings for Santa Rosa citizens.


The Street Maintenance Section recycles thousands of tons of asphalt and concrete material that is used for base material in future roadbeds. Scrap metal - old shopping carts, appliances, and signs - is gathered from the public right-of-way and recycled in partnership with local recycling centers. Leaves are swept and collected each winter and turned into usable compost. Street light lamps and motor oil are also recycled.

Energy Savings

The Electrical Maintenance Section has used computer technology to monitor and fix traffic signal timing from remote locations saving vehicle trips. All incandescent traffic signal lamps have been replaced with Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually in electricity. Office lighting has also been upgraded with energy efficient technology.

Clean Air Technology

The City of Santa Rosa Fleet Maintenance Section is known locally as an industry leader in clean air technology. The City has received numerous grant awards to fund many of the over one hundred fleet vehicles/equipment that use alternate fuels including electric, hybrid, Compressed Natural Gas, Propane, and ethanol. This number of vehicles/equipment represents approximately 10% of the City's fleet. Learn about our Green Fleet!