Survey Section

Survey Team in action

Capital Projects Engineering Survey Section

The City of Santa Rosa's Survey Section is a part of Capital Projects Engineering of the Transportation and Public Works Department. The Survey Section performs topographic mapping and construction surveys as well as boundary and control surveys for the design and construction of the City's Capital Improvement Projects. These projects include street widenings and reconstructions, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lights, storm drains as well as sewer and water lines. Additionally, the Capital Projects Engineering Survey Section supports the City Right of Way Agent as well as other City Departments. 

The Survey Section is also responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the City's Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks.

The Survey Section maintains a GPS reference base station which is located at our offices at 69 Stony Circle. This station is an NGS sanctioned Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS). The CORS designation for this station is CASR. Data and information for this site as well as the NGS CORS network can be obtained on-line from the NGS CORS web site.

Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks

Vertical Control Network

The City of Santa Rosa's Vertical Control Network is based on the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29). There are over 1300 benchmarks located throughout the city as well as the surrounding area.

This system is adjusted to USC&GS (now the NGS) Bench Marks in the area.

Between September 2021 and May 2022 the City of  Santa Rosa’s Survey Section established a network of NAVD88 Benchmark elevations.  Information about this survey can be obtained from the “Project Report for the Recovery of the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) within the City of Santa Rosa”.

Data for City of Santa Rosa Bench Marks can be obtained through the City's GIS System

Horizontal Control Network

The original City of Santa Rosa Coordinate Monument network was published with values based upon the California Coordinate System Zone 2, NAD 1927. The current City of Santa Rosa Coordinate Monument Network is based upon NAD 1983 with State Plane Coordinate (Zone 2) values published in both NAD 83 - 1991.35 epoch and NAD 83 (2011) epoch 2010.00 values. Locations and data for City of Santa Rosa coordinate monuments can be obtained through the City’s GIS system