Code Enforcement

Purpose & Duties

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for assuring the adopted City Zoning and Building Codes are implemented on private property to address general health, life, fire and safety issues facing residents. This involves responding to complaints received regarding such things as, but not limited to:
  • Unsafe buildings
  • Vehicle, trash, and debris storage
  • Animal violations
  • Un-permitted construction
  • Substandard housing

Filing a Complaint

If you wish to file a complaint, please print and complete the Complaint Form (PDF), or you may scan then email the form. You may also mail, fax, or hand-deliver it to our office. All information received is confidential. To file a complaint regarding signage, you can also visit the MySantaRosa page to submit your concern online.


The City’s Code Enforcement program is primarily implemented on a complaint driven basis. Staff typically does not actively look for code violations, but rather responds to public complaints reporting that a property contains a use, construction, or an activity that may not be in compliance with the City Zoning and/or Building Codes. Staff will contact the individual against whom the complaint was filed to request an inspection and assess whether a code enforcement issue does in fact exist. If during the investigation of a complaint, other code violations are observed (either on the subject site or in the vicinity) the City must address them as well. Staff then works with the individuals to achieve compliance. Information on code enforcement cases is required to be kept confidential.

The Code Enforcement Division conducts two building and zoning code enforcement programs, with staff assigned to support each program. The two programs are described as follows:

The Code Enforcement Program

This is the basic code enforcement program and responds to code enforcement complaints throughout the City. The section is currently responding to about 1200 code enforcement cases citywide yearly, with an active caseload of approximately 2100. One additional type of neighborhood-oriented programs has been established to address special needs of the City. This program The Neighborhood Revitalization Program is described below.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP)

This is an inter-departmental program that includes Housing and Community Services, Police, Fire, City Attorney,  and Parks and Recreation. These departments have been working together in five focused neighborhoods to respond to and address housing and code enforcement issues in multi-family complexes.

Contact Us With Questions

You can help keep the City of Santa Rosa beautiful and safe by becoming familiar with the City's code requirements and working with City staff to obtain compliance for violations. Please feel free to contact Code Enforcement staff members if you have questions or need assistance.